Thank you to Viv Evans for the following information and guides on Voicethread ...

Voicethread is a cool collaborative tool that enables you to build and share a collaborative story, give presentations and much more in 3 quick steps. CREATE... COMMENT... SHARE.

I have begun to build this information page using Voicethread as the key tool of communication/instruction about Voicethread. I hope others will contribute useful resources regarding Voicethreads in the usual collaborative wiki way!

Here is a single page outline of Voicethread with key links which would be useful for those wanting printed information to take away. This document will be used in the Voicethread Workshop at eLearning09 along with a Powerpoint presentation.

Have fun with Voicethread! I certainly do...
Regards Vivian Evans (vivevans[at]

What is a Voicethread anyway? (The first 2 screens in this voicethread give you key info. The remainder give you interesting examples of how people have used voice threads)

How to Create a Voicethread by Vivian Evans This voicethread uses video footage of Vivian's computer screen as she creates a voicethread. Vivian utilised a free program called Auto Screen recorder to record her on screen activities and then she was able to upload it to Voicethread.. play back the video and annotate/speak to the video and even pause it when needed. (You can source the free version of Auto screen recorder or pay for a program with more features at Wisdom soft

How to Edit a voicethread - Another demo by Vivian Evans

This is useful info as once you have created a voicethread you can go back later and make changes in a number of ways. Here Vivian Evans demonstrates some of the features (as of Nov 09) that you can edit and change on Voicethreads.

There are a variety of ways to engage in a Voice thread through voice, text, video and even doodling :-)
As 2008 is the International Year of the Potato why not engage in creating your own 'spud' whilst exploring how you can use the Doodle tool
Engage in this Voicethread... using the Doodle tool!

How to create a voicethread in 1 minute

How you can upload Powerpoints to Voicethread (Great for presentations that you can keep editing and improving)

How you can Switch Identities... for your voice thread. Great for role play and monitoring younger students participation. I think this feature has a lot of potential.

How to Embed a voice thread... This is how I have added all these voicethreads to this page. This shows you how to grab the resource and then you need to know how to use the code to embed in your website of choice. (For Wikispaces you need to sign in, Select the edit toolbar, select the t.v. icon (Widget button) to enable you to paste in the code from the Voicethread)

Voicethread offers a free version where you can create 3 voicethreads for no cost. You can contribute comments to voicethreads as many as you like at no cost. Beyond that there are a variety of pricing options for individual educators and organisational membership see