E-learning Initiatives For The Entertainment Industry - Complete


Staging Connections Pty Ltd


Julie Downs ( Manager ) - Julie.Downs-at-scgl.com.au


Empowering Learners

Client Target Group

Workbased trainees and workers applying for RPL

Executive Summary

Project Links

Adobe Connect - Recording 22/05/2008
Adobe Connect - Recording 11/06/2008
Adobe Connect - Recording 15/07/2008

SCGLLearning Moodle Site

our project space where we will test and develop ( implement ? ) courseware for delivery with clients of all descriptions

diigo group

our bookmarks group where we are collecting links related to our project development

Wiki space

our project wikispace where we explore and develop things related to our project.

Project Agendas

Session 1 - 11 June 2008

Session 2 - 25th June 2008

Session 3 - 17th July 2008

Session 4 - 21st August 2008

Session 5 - 19th September 2008


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Final report

Wiki site

eLearning08 slides -