Work Online- An Induction Tool - Complete


Greenacres Training Services


Tania Tsiamis -


Empowering Learners and Business Partnership

Business Partners

Greenacres Disability Services,
The Disability Trust,
Cram Foundation,
Flagstaff Group

Client Target Group

New "frontline" staff to the Disability Support Sector

Executive Summary

Project links

Professional disability support wiki

Final report

Project wiki
Wiki includes;
• 3 samples of dvd interviews with experienced disability support professionals
• Draft content presentation that was made to the industry partners
• Sample Working party documents
• Sample trial feedback form
• Project overview
• Project case study
• Sample photographs
• url address for site to be uploaded by 1/12/08. IT partner finalising look and feel and sourcing new host.
• Screen shots of website to be uploaded upon receipt of final work by IT partner.

Disability Support Work Online Induction Tool
On-line staff induction training tool including video footage of expert panel interviews; text documents; links to on-line resources and interactive quizzes.
Also included a printable version of ‘Workplace Learning Tasks’ and is supported by a Learners Handbook and a Supervisors Handbook

Learners Guide -

Supervisors Guide -

Disability Work Online Case Study PDF or Word