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Executive Summary

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Progress record of the project

Visualisations -
Many Eyes

The key software that we have used successfully during this project and use in our final recommendations:
Virtual Classroom - online collaboration

Elluminate is a virtual classroom

We used this technology extensively in the project and have had a unanimously positive response to the benefits it offers.

We would like to thank Steven Rowe from Southern Cross University for allowing us to use his virtual classroom during this project.
Visual Understanding Environment

VUE is mind mapping software

VUE was used throughout stages of the project to allow us to conceptualise what we wanted, where we were heading, how were going to get there, processes that worked and finally to create a large percentage of our final project output.
The power of its visual representation is awesome!
Audacity Open Source Audio Software

Audacity for everything audio

Audacity was chosen to create audio components of the learning materials we used in our trials.
Adobe Flash (aaah saviour of the universe?)

Flash multimedia objects

We were unsure at the beginning of our trials how much impact there would be on the format of movies that we created and so we elected to test 2 formats.

A hint at the start is that moodle ended up solving everything anyway, but flash is great stuff!
Apple Quicktime for multimedia

Quicktime mulimedia objects

The other format we experimented with was Quicktime movies.

Now in the context of what we were doing Katrina definitely preferred Quicktime however as development tools there is no real comparison between the two.
A very social way to bookmark indeed

Social Bookmarking with delicious

This is a distinct carry over from past projects and finally Katrina feels that she is developing a decent library of resources here.

TIP try to think smart when you create your tags, but even more important go back every month or two and check things over - you may be surprised at how much better you can organise it all!

Final report

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