I need your help!

I am currently completing my Masters in Education through UTS as a research student. I also work as an e-learning advisor for the National VET E-Learning Strategy.

I need your help with a very important piece of research as it will explore the perceived beliefs about e-learning by both teachers and students and highlight where the gaps are.

If you work in the education sector (anywhere in the world), teach vocational studies, academic studies, or you might even be an enterprise trainer, workplace trainer etc where technology is part of your organisation's (or your own) delivery strategy I would love your input. This is your chance to have your voice heard (anonymously of course). The Australian VET sector wants to know what do you really think about e-learning?

My research comes from the position that successful e-learning must be done well and within sound pedagogical frameworks. It will combine mixed methods of data collection that includes surveys, small-scale case studies and interviews. The tools used allow you to exit at any stage of the research with anonymity and total confidentiality.

There are three stages in my research:
Stage 1: VET Practitioners complete the Practitioner Survey
Stage 2: A small number of case studies will participate in an online survey. Interested parties may be required to participate in a 30-minute interview to expand on their answers in the case study survey.
Stage 3: Data analysis and reporting

The first stage is open now. If you would like to participate, all you need to do is answer some questions in an online survey. The survey should take no more than 20-30 minutes to complete as all questions are multiple choice and can be completed quite quickly. Many of the questions provide you with a comment field if you would like to provide additional information. All answers are completely confidential and completely anonymous.

At the conclusion of the major stages of my research I will prepare a paper and make the findings freely available. If you would like a copy please email me at Gail.M.Smith@det.nsw.edu.au and I will add you to the list. The survey will not collect your personal information.

Please use the following definitions when completing the survey:

e-learning: learning that includes the use of technology to deliver an educational program. For example, web 2.0 technologies, mobile technologies, virtual worlds and completely online programs
transfer of learning: the ability for learning completed in a classroom, using mixed mode delivery or completely online to be transferred to other contexts such as the workplace, in our communities and our own lives
VET pedagogy: theory and practice relating to teaching adults in a vocational context

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