Meet your NSW E-Learning Advisor

Our NSW Project and E-Learning Advisor is Gail Smith.

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This role provides E-Startup/Takeup support and advice to trainers, facilitators and training organisations in NSW with the aim of building e-learning capability.

Gail can assist you
  • to find Strategy resources and research reports
  • to develop your E-Learning Strategy whether you are a manager, teacher or leading learning in government departments or other organisation.
  • with your learning design and in particular e-learning design
  • to manage your e-learning implementation using common project management tools and techniques
  • attend and support professional development days for training organisations and their staff
  • to locate, purchase and customise Flexible Learning Toolboxes and Learning Objects
  • understand and implement E-standards
  • with technical advice and support
  • understand and implement Universal Learning Design guidelines
  • to use technology (such as Web 2.0 tools, iPods/iPads, Moodle, Microsoft Products and Social Media) to facilitate learning in the classroom, blended, distance and online environments

The NSW E-Learning Advisor assists RTOs and other learning organisations in the following ways:

  • Facilitates and organise professional development activities with the aim of building E-learning capability.
  • Mentor individuals and teams wishing to implement National E-learning resources.
  • Support teams who are working on federally funded E-learning projects.


Scan the QR code above to add Gail to your iphone contacts. Why not phone Gail now to find out how she can help you get started in e-learning or embed e-learning more robustly into your training programs.

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The E-Learning Advisor works collaboratively with other state and territory advisors to help achieve the goals of the National VET E-learning Strategy 2012-2015


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