2012 Media Releases
Below are Medianet releases for the National VET E-learning Strategy.


Media Release: Free online industry forum on benefits of e-learning for business 01062012.pdf
Media Release: Opportunities for Industry System Change using e-learning 05062012
Media Release: E-portfolios for Learner Pathways launches new website 06062012
Media Release: Regional apprentices boosted by e- learning 08062012


Media Release: Call for participants in national VET e-learning toolkit survey 01052012.pdf
Media Release: Series 14 Toolboxes launch online 03052012.pdf
Media Release: Teachers learn to create easy eBooks 04052012.pdf
Media Release: Innovative training pathway supports NSW community workers 07052012.pdf
Media Release: Effective e-portfolio implementation 09052012.pdf
Media Release: Virtually improving opportunities in Queensland's aged care sector 11052012.pdf
Media Release: SES trials onlin learning in regional NSW 14052012.pdf
Media Release: Let's Talk Learning - Free lunchtime webinars 15052012.pdf
Media Release: E-learning successes on show in Hobart 16052012.pdf
Media Release:Golden e-learning opportunity for skilled workers in WA 17052012.pdf
Media Release: Online support for regional electrical apprentices 21052012.pdf
Media Release: E-learning successes on show in Sydney 22052012.pdf
Media Release: E-learning sustains aged care nurses in regional SA 25052012.pdf
Media Release: 3D approach supports learner pathways 28052012
Media Release: E-portfolios support construction management pathways 31052012


Media Release: Regional students benefit from NBN rollout 02042012.pdf
Media Release: Emerging technology trials announced 03042012.pdf
Media Release: Cultural awareness helps tourists feel at home 05042012.pdf
Media Release: Online learning powers energy industry 10042012.pdf
Media Release: Learning in the new age 12042012.pdf
Media Release: Apprentices try smart new iPhone app 13042012.pdf
Media Release: E-portfolio exemplar projects 16042012.pdf
Media Release: Renewable energy industry alight with e-learning potential 18042012.pdf
Media Release: E-learning offers second chance for disadvantaged youth 20042012.pdf
Media Release: Mobile phones to aid literacy learning 23042012.pdf
Media Release: Regional nursing students connect to local opportunities 26042012.pdf
Media Release: Online learning supports nursing skills 30042012.pdf


Media Release: Deaf learners benefit from e-learning 01032012.pdf
Media Release: House With No Steps - Online learning supports carers 07032012.pdf
Media Release: Electric e-learning sparks students interest 09032012.pdf
Media Release: Regional e-learning partnerships announced 09032012.pdf
Media Release: Anangu job seekers go online for skills 13032012.pdf
Media Release: OHS game offers interactive e-learning 15032012.pdf
Media Release: Learners log in to help smokers butt out 16032012.pdf
Media Release: E-literacy program supports homeless learners 19032012.pdf
Media Release: Students use e-portfolios to meet their goals 21032012.pdf
Media Release: Coonara House - e-skills boost childcare training 23032012.pdf
Media Release: Virtual trade shows inspire students 26032012.pdf
Media Release: Academic self-esteem supports learner pathways 27032012.pdf
Media Release: FLAGs new website 28032012.pdf
Media Release: Where in the world is E-learning 29032012.pdf
Media Release: E-Learning opens its doors to prisoners 30032012.pdf

Media Release: RTOs use NBN to bridge time and distance gap 15022012.pdf
Media Release: E-learning strategy stimulates VET sector 16022012.pdf
Media Release: Fire crews go online for new skills 20022012.pdf
Media Release: Learning environment keeps us with students 21022012.pdf
Media Release: Mobile learning boosts Tassie apprentices 23022012.pdf
Media Release: Beef industry has a steak in e-learning 27022012.pdf
Media Release: Hats off to the NBN 29022012.pdf

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Elearning11 Conference a Success
Thanks to all those who attended Elearning11 in December last year and made it such a great day. To access the program and all the podcasts of the recorded sessions including great presentations from Dr John Buchanan and Jane Hart please go to http://elearning11.net